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Do you know?


The word "Pentathlon" comes from the Greek penta ("five") and athlon (contest).

The "Modern Pentathlon" is an Olympic sport with five events.

Academic Pentathlon

About Academic Pentathlon

The Academic Pentathlon is an exciting five-event competition for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.
6th Grade Penthtathlon team with coaches

After months of preparation under the guidance of coaches, students compete as individuals and as teams in a series of five academic tests covering the following subjects:

  • Social Studies
  • Literature
  • Fine Arts (Art and Music)
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Students also write an essay for literature and participate as a team in the Super Quiz, which is an oral relay before a large audience in which students work collaboratively to answer questions from any of the 5 subjects. Each year, a new theme is selected and it shapes the curriculum for the whole competition. 

The program encourages and rewards academic excellence among students of all ability levels emphasizing cooperation and teamwork to maximize learning. Each team is composed of nine competitors and must include 3 students from each of the following grade point average (GPA) categories:

Honor (GPA 3.75-4.00)

Scholastic (GPA 3.00-3.74)
Varsity (GPA 0.00-2.99)

The top scoring teams and individual students are awarded medals and plaques. For each GPA category, medals are presented to the top individuals in each subject area as well as the highest scoring individuals overall. Team awards are presented to the top Super Quiz teams and highest scoring teams overall.

In addition to academic growth, the Pentathlon supports skill development in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, helping students to prepare for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Welcome Letter from USAP
Academic Pentathlon Welcome Letter

Pentathlon Resources

2017-2018 Competition Dates

Scrimmage (6th/7th/8th)
Saturday, 2/24/18
@ Orange County Dept. of Ed

7th/8th Grade Pentathlon:
Saturday, April 14, 2018
@ Westminster High School

6th Grade Pentathlon:
Saturday, May 5, 2018
@ University High School

2017-2018 Penthathlon Curriculum

The theme for the 2017-2018 Academic Pentathlon is Africa and the novel is A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. Below is a summary of what you'll learn this year in Pentathlon:

Science: An overview of infectious disease, Malaria and Ebola

Literature: Critical reading, one long work of literature (A Long Walk to Water), and selected shorter works. 

Fine Arts: The fine arts curriculum is a combination of art and music. The guide will focus on the art and music of Africa.

Social Science: An introduction to the history of Africa.

Mathematics: An introduction to the number system, ratios, and geometry.

Why Academic Pentathlon?

Improves study habits

• Improves critical thinking skills

• Incorporates the arts

Fosters teamwork

Develops leadership

Cultivates confidence

Promotes lifelong learning


2016-2017 Resources for WWII