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Dr. Yoshiko Okamoto
562-421-1213, ext. 303

Gold Seal


CJSF Honor Society

CJSF Honor Members (Class of 2020)

What is CJSF?

The purpose of the California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF), a state-wide organization of over 600 chapters, is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of students in California's middle schools. CJSF emphasizes service to the school and the community while creating pride in scholastic achievement. Founded in 1967, the California Junior Scholarship Federation is part of CSF, the oldest scholarship institution in the state of California and one of the most prestigious honor societies in the state.

What are the benefits of CJSF/Honor Society membership?

CJSF prepares the student for high school and beyond. An emphasis is placed on academic excellence. To this end, students are given the opportunity to visit a local area university each year and are exposed to university admissions information that is geared toward middle school aged students. CJSF students begin early on to plan for their academic future and CJSF is designed to help guide students along the way. 
Group of students
CJSF field trip to UCLA, 4/13/17

Membership also brings with it the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities which benefit the school, the community, and the student. Members serve as peer tutors, support environmental activities, and participate in community service projects.
Students with plants
CJSF members tend to the school garden.

How do I qualify for membership in CJSF/Honor Society?

Students must apply for membership at the beginning of each semester. Eligibility for membership is based on grades and citizenship earned in the previous semester. Students must earn a minimum of 8 points from four eligible classes: Language Arts, History, Math and Science.

  • CJSF points are calculated as follows:
    A = 3 points
    B = 1 point
    C = 0 points
  • A grade of D or F, or a mark of N or U in citizenship in any class disqualifies a student from semester membership.
  • In accordance with the CJSF by-laws, "on a campus that includes 6th grade, second semester 6th graders as well as first semester 7th graders have no official CJSF status. These students may not serve as officers nor may the semesters count toward Honor Member status." In order to recognize academic excellence in 6th grade, Hoover Middle School has established Hoover Honor Society. 
  • Grades earned in 6th grade will qualify students for eligibility in "Honor Society". Grades earned in 7th & 8th grade will qualify students for eligibility in "CJSF".  Membership applications and requirements for Honor Society and CJSF are the same

What is Honor Membership?.

To obtain honor membership in CJSF, students must be members for three out of four semesters based on grades earned in 7th and 8th grades. Students who are CJSF members in 8th grade can earn credit for one additional semester of membership in CJSF based on grades earned during the 2nd semester of 8th grade.

What awards do CJSF honor members receive?

Those who obtain honor membership by the end of their eighth grade year will receive the following awards:

  • The official gold CJSF Honor Membership Pin
  • A certificate of recognition with the CJSF goal seal
  • Recognition at 8th grade promotion (you'll get to wear a gold honor cord!)
  • Eligibility for associate membership in CSF during first semester of freshman year in high school       

What activities do CJSF/Honor Society members participate in?

  • 2 to 3 club meetings per semester
  • School and community service projects
  • Field trips (College trip to UCLA or UCI and possible additional field trips)

What is required for school/community service?

Students are encouraged to complete at least 5 hours of school/community service per semester. Lunchtime volunteering, peer tutoring, helping teachers/staff, coaching, and volunteer work with other community groups can all be counted. Any service that is not compensated and helps others qualifies. The goal is for members to balance their high academic achievement with public or school service.

What school/community service opportunities are available?

Service opportunities/ideas are listed below. You are also welcome to bring your requests for community service projects.  

​School-Based Service Opportunities:

1. Lunchtime Recycling Program Volunteer
    See Mr. Foots or a lunch supervisor

2. Help a teacher or staff member before/after school or at lunch.
    See any Hoover teacher/staff member and ask if s/he needs help.

3. Peer tutoring
    See Dr. Okamoto

Community-Based Service Opportunities:

1. Participate in a beach clean-up.
    An easy and constructive way to earn Service Learning Hours! 

    a)  Belmont Shore - Justin Rudd Beach Cleanups

    b)  Seal Beach Cleanups

    c) Wetland Warriors Cleanup at Golden Shore Marine Reserve
        Contact: 562-570-1745

2)  Volunteer at your previous elementary school
     (Helping teachers, peer tutoring,  valet, helping with carnival, etc.)

3)  Volunteer with the City of Lakewood. 
      City of Lakewood Youth Action Center:  562-429-7472

4)  Volunteer for Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

5)  Conduct activities at a local retirement home

6)  Volunteer at a local 5k run

7)  Volunteer at your church, temple

Spring 2020

Tue, 2/4    Applications available
Thu, 2/20  Applications due
Wed, 3/4   Meeting 
Fri, 5/15    Virtual Meeting
Tue, 5/19  UCLA Cub Tours Panel
May-Aug   UCLA Live Virtual                             Campus Tours

FALL 2019

Wed, 9/4     Applications avail.
Wed, 9/18   Applications due
Sat, 9/21     Seal Beach Clean-up
Wed,10/9    Meeting #1
Wed,10/30  Meeting #2
Thu,11/21   Meeting #3
Wed, 1/22   Meeting #4
Fri, 1/31      Fall service logs due


Feb. 22   Applications due
April 29  UCI Pre-trip meeting
May 2     UCI Fieldtrip
May 18   Beach clean-up 
June 6     Pin Ceremony             
June 7     End-of-Year Pizza Party
June 13   Spring service logs due

FALL 2018

Oct 2018:    Meeting #1
Nov 2018:   Meeting #2
Dec 2018:   No meeting
 Jan 2019:   Meeting #3

Spring 2018

Mar 9    Applications due

Fall 2017

Sept 13  CJSF/Honor Society 
                Invite letters distributed
Sept 21  Applications due
Jan 26     Service logs due

Spring 2017

Feb 14   Green Team Party
Feb 15    Applications due
Mar  7    Meeting
Apr 11    UCLA Pre-Trip Meeting
Apr 13    UCLA Field Trip
UCLA Flyer
May 23    Meeting
June 13    JANM Fieldtrip
June 15    Service logs due

Fall 2016

11/2/16:  CJSF invite letters sent
CJSF Invite Letter
11/4/16:    Informational Mtg
11/10/16:  Applications due
11/29/16:  Meeting #1
12/7/16:    Green Team Training
12/8/16:    Meeting #2  
12/15/16:  Meeting #3
12/21/16:  Composting Training  
12/22/16:  Eco-Assembly and Lunchtime Recycling Kick-off
Grades of Green Assembly
2/3/17:   Fall Community Service
                Logs due