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Club advisor

Dr. Okamoto

Beginning to advanced level projects arranged by category. Has easy-to-follow directions and  animations.

Springer Origami Club
Has how-to videos for projects such as the I-Ching Wheel, e-spiral, spinning top, and Tomoko Fuse box.

Washington Middle School Anime Club

NHK World Easy Japanese Lessons

Recommended Origami Books
Origami Books
Origami Books Fuse Boxes
Where to Buy Origami Paper

IMG 0486
1. Daiso Japan
    (in Lakewood on the corner of 
     Woodruff/South St. and
    at Long Beach Traffic Circle)
2. Michael's (use their 40% off coupon)
3. Kim’s Crane Origami Supply

You can also make square paper yourself from a rectangular sheet.

Origami Club Homepage

Flower Kusudama
Flower Kusudama

Benefits of Origami:
Did you know that when you practice origami, you are activating your whole brain? It has long been known that origami has many benefits like developing eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, patience, temporal spatial skills, math reasoning etc., but according to the latest research on the brain, when both hands are engaged, impellent motor impulses activate the language portion of the brain. 

Below is a list of just some of the benefits of learning origami.


* Reading Skills
* Processing Skills
* Visual Motor
* Temporal Spatial
* Logical Reasoning
* Attention Skills
* Concentration
* Sequencing

* Math Concepts
* Measurement
* Geometry
* Proportion
* Fractions
* Symmetry
* Problem Solving
* Science Principles
* Ecology

* Creativity
* Culture
* Independent Study
* Social Skills
* Self Confidence
* Library Skills
* Manual Dexterity
* Speech Language 

Useful models:

Besides being fun to make, many origami models can be useful.  Uses for origami include:

  • Boxes
  • Package decorations
  • Cups to drink from or hold things
  • Party decorations
  • Organizers for paper clips, rubber bands etc.
  • Wallets and card cases
  • Flowers
  • Stationery and envelopes
  • Hats and Slippers
  • Toys
  • And many more!

Source:  Rachel Katz (

2020-2021 Meetings

Origami/Japanese Club meets virtually via Zoom every other Friday after school from 3:45 - 4:15 pm. 

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Interested in Japanese Culture? Check out these resources:

NHK World

Washington MS Anime Club

Project List

2016-17 Advisory Club
Project List 

October 2016: 
 •  Rabbit
 •  Balloon 
 •  Heart (from rectangle)
 •  Magic Star/Frisbee
 •  Cup
 •  Star Box

November 2016:
 •  Masu Box, Lid and Divider 
 •  Envelope I 
 •  Envelope II (from rectangle)
 •  Chair
 •  Sailboat
 •  Spinning Top
 •  Candy Box (taught by Gaily)
 •  Kusudama Flowers
   (taught by Vienesse)
 •  Class Kusudama Ball
 •  I-Ching Wheel (taught by Calvin)
 •  Hamster (taught by Aazib)

December 2016:
 •  Sonobe Cube (taught by Gaily)
 •  Octahedron (taught by Gaily)
 •  Gift Tag (taught by Aazib)
 •  Cranes
 •  Holiday Decorations
 •  Santa & Sleigh (taught by Aazib)

Valentine's Day Origami:
 •  Heart Box (taught by Charlie)
 •  Heart-shaped Flicker (taught by Jonathan)
 •  Heart from rectangle (taught by Angelina)
 •  Transforming Rose Cube

Watch PBS NOVA documentary:
"The Origami Revolution"
Learn how engineers and designers are applying principles of origami to design new drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions

January/February 2017:
Modular origami projects from The Origami Handbook by Rick Beech: 

 •  Spinner (taught by Aazib)
 •  Tomoko Fuse Modular Star
 •  Lewis Simon Modular Cube
 •  Yami Yamauchi Fireworks 
     (taught by Calvin and Aazib)
 •  Tomoko Fuse Espiral

March/April 2017:
 • Watch Studio Ghibli Anime: 
        Spirited Away
        My Neighbor Totoro
 • Drawing a Totoro - video tutorial
 • x-y-z intersecting planes
 • Tomoko Fuse origami boxes

May/June 2017:
(No advisory during state testing)
 • Hexaflexagon
 • Projects from Minigami by
   Gay Merrill Gross

3-D Origami Penguin
3-D Origami Penguin