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District Parent Guidelines

The Long Beach Unified School District annually notifies parents of rights and responsibilities contained in the California Education Code. Summaries of the code sections explaining these rights and responsibilities are included in the Guidelines for Parents and Students accessible below:

Parent Guidelines

Parent Involvement


Parent VUE is a website that allows parents to view their children’s current and historical information, including daily attendance, grades, report cards, test scores, discipline, graduation status, preparation for college and more.  It is also a one-stop location for links to other parent services including School Loop and MySchoolBucks (School meal accounts).

With one simple activation, parents can view information on all of their children, from elementary school to high school.  Parents also will be able to update emergency card information electronically.

Parent University

Click this "Parent University" link to go the Long Beach Unified School District new webpage. As a parent or caregiver, you are the most important and vital factors in your child's education.  You are part of a much larger team that includes teachers, administrators and support staff at local schools.  By showing an interest in your children’s education, and by sending them to school prepared to learn, you help schools achieve their vital mission: to support the personal and intellectual success of every student, every day.

In this section you will find resources to help you become better informed about your child's education.   In addition, you will find resources to help you get more involved in your child’s education.  Working together, we can make great things happen for your child.

Elementary & K-8 School -- (562) 997-8247
Middle School -- (562) 997-8100
High School -- (562) 997-8115