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Differentiated Curriculum
The ALPS Curriculum is based on the California State Content Standards and is differentiated from the regular program by the inclusion of the most current GATE teaching strategies in daily lessons and student products. This allows students to expand their critical thinking and develop independent learning skills.

The ALPS program bases much of its differentiation on the Depth and Complexity model. For example, this might involve looking at the details of the core curriculum from different perspectives. In their lessons, teachers have students discuss ethical issues, trends, or patterns. This model takes the learning to a higher level.

ALPS teachers differentiate by allowing students to work on independent projects or on accelerated timelines. Think like an Architect! Think like a Geneticist! Think like an Archaeologist! Think like a poet! These are just some of the learning tasks our ALPS students are expected to complete.

Acadmics Opportunities For Growth
Language Arts: Exploration of relevant themes through the classics and contemporary adolescent literature culminating in student authorship; Junior Great Books for all ALPS students.
History/Social Science: State recognized program using primary sources, simulations, projects, and geography to make history meaningful and alive.
Math: Active learning strategies involving in-depth analysis and real world applications; High school algebra and geometry preparation are offered. Technology is integrated into the curriculum.
Science: Hands-on classroom activities in a laboratory setting; Special projects and school-wide Science Fair.
Electives: Sixth Grade exploratory wheel introducing Art, Music, AVID or Computers, Home and Consumer Studies and Woodshop. Computer elective is added in 7th and 8th grades. Full instrumental program offered.

Field Trips
The ALPS program at Hoover prides itself on the fantastic opportunities for field trips. 6th and 7th grade classes have recently visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. While reading Anne Frank and other novels about war and genocide, 8th grade students annually visit the Museum of Tolerance to further study their big idea of POWER and how it plays into society both today and in our past.

Cultural History Night

Teachers from Hoover worked with professors from CSULB in collaboration on a grant from the NEH. The product of that collaboration is a wonderful evening celebrating the diversity of our school. 6th grade students present mythology projects that reflect mythology projects that reflect ancient traditions and religions from around the world. 7th grade students present projects about the middle ages. 8th grade students become historians as they present what they have learned about the oral history process.

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