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Mrs. Ho-Chings Happenings

Hello Hoover Highlanders!

Mrs. T. Ho-Ching is the counselor for all grades here at Hoover Middle School. My career interests are helping others get along, finding solutions to help others overcome their problems, taking care of children, helping others learn new things, resolving conflicts, watching CSI and Law and Order, making sure that the “right thing” is done, problem solving, working with hands and tools, and many other items. If I were doing the Career Interest Survey I would have liked to attend the following pathways: LEAP at Jordan, Wilson’s School of Leadership and Public Service, PEACE at Millikan, McBride’s CJI or Cabrillo’s CAL-J program. All were high interest numbers based on my personal survey. You may ask, “Why did Mrs. Ho-Ching take this survey when she is already a Middle School Counselor?” The reason is, I wanted to see just how well the career interest survey would have worked for me when I was applying for high school. My goal is not just “doing my job”, but assisting every student in achieving success academically, socially, and emotionally, while in middle school.  I want to help with a smooth transition to high school.  

As you navigate through the Ho-Ching’s Happenings, you will find information on Mentoring, Mental Health/ Counseling, High School Readiness, High School Choice, Upcoming events, Scheduling, Conflict Resolution, and other counseling happenings. There will be links and buttons to click on for easy information access.

You can always request for an appointment with me or just “walk and talk” with me before and after school, during your lunch, or every passing period. I look forward to getting you to where you need to be.



Hello Highlanders! 


I know we are all missing school and all that comes with it: students, friends, teachers, staff, passing period, lunchtime, tutoring, teaching, lunch detention (lol), after school hanging out, Tasty Tuesdays, and just the normal of being on campus. I have created a classroom for us to connect whenever you like! I will be posting games for us all to take part in and will send the results to show how much we all have in common. We may have talent show try outs and videos, Google hangouts, high school and college fun to do's and information. This is just a way to check-in and connect with each other. 


Please sign into your Google accounts by using this formula: 


your 9 digit student ID




Password: your 6 digit date of birth


EXAMPLE: 022906



Once you sign in, join my classroom, Ho-Ching's Hobbies, Games, and Check-Ins, along with ALL your teacher's classrooms. My classroom invite is : p2irfsl


You are ALL truly missed! 

Mrs. Ho-Ching