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This course develops a foundation in drawing and painting through the five strands of the Visual and Performing Arts Framework and the California State Visual Arts Content Standards.Through the application of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design students create a variety of unique art works that demonstrate foundational drawing and painting techniques. Students will analyze visual information, responding to artists’ works as well as their own, in written and oral form. Students will also demonstrate knowledge of the historical timeline of art and its affect on the development of society. They will also learn about career pathways as well as recognize the impact of new technology as a means to broaden and expand upon their artistic knowledge and skill.Due to the variation of course lengths; three dimensional art projects should be introduced when time allows. Required art vocabulary, reading and writing assignments are included in the course work.


Course Description: Spanish is an interactive introduction to Spanish emphasizing communicative-based listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish and the rudiments of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  Students will learn to use Spanish to deal with discrete linguistic elements of basic daily life in predictable common settings.  


Successful completion of Spanish 1 (7th grade)  in middle school will not satisfy the high school “a-g” graduation requirements, however completion of Spanish 1 class in addition to Spanish 2 in 8th grade will satisfy one year of the foreign language “a-g” requirements. 



Band – Band consists of woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments.  Students must choose one instrument to play in class.  All music classes have evening performances scheduled during the year. 

Orchestra – Orchestra consists of stringed, brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments, students must choose one instrument to play in class.  All music classes have evening performances scheduled during the year. 


Student Council

Student Council (ASB) is an organization of student leaders who plan and coordinate school functions such as spirit assemblies, dances and recycle activities. It is composed of five officers, and  7th and 8th grade students. These students demonstrate excellent citizenship, perform well academically, and are passionate about representing their fellow peers.


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Electives Department
  Geoffrey Barb Teacher
  Sandra Reyes ex: 103 Teacher
  Christine Yu (562) 421-1213 ex: 505 Teacher