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Course Syllabi

Core Classes

Accelerated Core Classes

6th Grade Accelerated 7th Grade Accelerated 8th Grade Accelerated

Language Arts 6 ACC

Ms. Paimany  Syllabus  

Ms. Stame    Syllabus 

Language Arts 7 ACC

   • Ms. Hall      Syllabus  

 • Ms. Stame   Syllabus

Language Arts 8 ACC

Ms. Kane    Syllabus    

Mathematics 6 ACC

Ms. Hennessey   Syllabus

 • Ms. Kutsunai     Syllabus

Mathematics 7 ACC

Mr. Marshall   Syllabus   

  • Mr. Wixted   Syllabus  Website

Algebra I Honors

• Dr. Okamoto  Syllabus  Website

History 6 ACC

Ms.Higginbotham  Syllabus  

Ms. Paimany     Syllabus  

History 7 ACC

Ms.Higginbotham  Syllabus  

Ms.Scotto        Syllabus  

History 8 ACC

 • Ms. Ornelas    Syllabus 

Ms. Sykes      Syllabus

Science 6 ACC

Ms. Sanders    Syllabus

Ms. Kutsunai   Syllabus

Science 7 ACC

Ms. Laniado   Syllabus 

Health 7 ACC
•  Mr. Crabtree   Syllabus  

Health 8 ACC

Ms. Laniado    Syllabus  

Mr. Rogers     Syllabus  


Regular Core Classes
6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Language Arts 6

Ms. Hall    Syllabus  


Language Arts 7

Ms. Hall      Syllabus  

Ms. Stame   Syllabus  

Language Arts 8

Ms. Kane     Syllabus  

Mathematics 6

Ms. Hennessey  Syllabus  

Ms. Kutsunai     Syllabus  

Mathematics 7

Dr. Okamoto  Syllabus  Website

Mr. Wixted    Syllabus  Website

Mathematics 8

Mr. Marshall   Syllabus  

History 6

  • Ms. Scotto   Syllabus  

History 7

Ms.Higginbotham  Syllabus  

Ms. Ornelas   Syllabus  

Ms. Scotto     Syllabus  

History 8

Ms. Ornelas    Syllabus  

Ms. Sykes      Syllabus  


Science 6

Ms. Kutsunai   Syllabus  

Ms. Sanders    Syllabus  


Science 7

Ms. Laniado   Syllabus  

Health 7

Mr. Crabtree   Syllabus  

Science 8

Mr. Rogers   Syllabus  




Art 6

Ms. Yu   Syllabus    

Art 7

Ms. Yu   Syllabus    

Art 8

Ms. Yu   Syllabus  

Computers 6

Mr. Crockett  Syllabus    

Computers 7

Mr. Crockett   Syllabus    

Computers 8

Mr. Crockett   Syllabus    

Beginning Orchestra

Ms. Stiltz   Syllabus  

Intermediate Orchestra

Ms. Stiltz    Syllabus  

Advanced Orchestra

Ms. Stiltz    Syllabus  

Beginning Band

Ms. Stiltz   Syllabus  

Intermediate Band

Ms. Stiltz    Syllabus  

Long Beach Scholars

Ms. Kane   Syllabus  

Project Lead the Way

Ms. Sanders    Syllabus 

Student Council

Mr. Marshall    Syllabus  


Ms. Sykes    Syllabus  

Physical Education

PE 6/7

Ms. Patrou   Syllabus  

PE 6/7/8

Mr. Ayala    Syllabus  

PE 7/8

Mr. Pendelton    Syllabus  

Special Education

Special Ed (RSP/SDC)

RSP/Strategies for Success

Ms. Dotson   Syllabus  

RSP/Strategies for Success

Ms. McLellan   Syllabus  


Mild/Moderate 6/7/8

Mr. Frushour   Syllabus  

MM Beg/Int Language

Ms. Zook    Syllabus  


Ms. Haley    Syllabus