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Easy Fundraising

Collect Box Tops & Soup Labels

Hoover receives 10 cents for every Boxtop and Soup label submitted.

Dear Hoover parents and guardians.   Bring in your BoxTops by Feb 22nd and help raise money for Hoover.   Box Tops can be turned into the office and put in the specially marked Box Tops box.

labels and boxtop chart
It is easy to do and it all adds up!

If 500 students each turned in 10 Box Tops = Hoover would earn $500!

If 500 students each turned in 100 Box Tops = Hoover would earn $5,000!

Ask your family, friends, neighbors & co-workers to collect these items, too!


• Campbell's Soup Labels program website 

• Box Tops for Education website  

Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday is here to help us raise money to get some water stations around the school.  Everything is only a dollar.