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Site Director: Marvin Alvarado
Phone:562) 668-2479




The Long Beach Unified School District in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Long Beach work together to implement a city-wide WRAP (Winners Reaching Amazing Potential) program offered after school and during Thanksgiving, spring, winter, and summer recesses. Through these programs, thousands of local students and their families have access to convenient, no-cost, high-quality expanded learning programs on their school campuses every day. The WRAP program is designated as a balanced mixture of academic enrichment and assistance and physically and emotionally healthy activities that are fundamental components of youth development.


Homework Assistance

Monday-Friday students receive 1 hour of homework assistance. If students have no homework or finish early, the program leader provides various activities to supplement homework (Independent Reading Time- students read self-selected books from our leveled-library, academic worksheets, academic centers, and/or student directed projects).


Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning is an inquiry-based model of learning where students work on a project for an extended period of time. All PBL learning experiences follow the Buck Institute for Education’s PBL model and will include: an entry event, significant content (common core standards), 21st century competency development (4 Cs, information / media / technology skills, life / career skills, etc.), in depth inquiry, a project challenge (in response to an issue, challenge, investigation, or problem), voice/choice, individual and group deliverables, critique, revision and reflection, and a culminating event with a public audience. Learning experiences are designed in alignment with the Learning In After School Principles of Learning (active, collaborative, meaningful, promotes skill mastery, and expands horizons) and youth development.


College Readiness

The College Readiness curriculum focuses on exposure and access to higher learning. Students are exposed to higher learning through lessons that are grade level appropriate (K-8) and that provide an opportunity to learn about colleges and universities throughout the nation. In addition, students participate in assemblies where they hear about college experiences from current and graduate college students. To further expose students to higher learning, each school site group is named after a college/university and are provided opportunities to participate in field trips to local college campuses.


Y-Clubs/Youth Council

Every Friday, students participate in clubs. Clubs are designed around student’s interests as well as the program leader’s talents/hobbies (skills/interest they want to share with the students). Students may choose/join any club they are interested in (students may join a group other than their regular group). In addition to clubs, a selected group of students participate in Youth Council, a youth empowerment program where youth identify and analyze problems in their community that they would like to address through service learning projects.


Physical Education

Each day, students engage in 45 minutes of structured Physical Education activities.



Each day students receive a healthy snack provided by Nutrition Services.


Common Core:

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent and clear understanding of what students are expected to learn in each grade level. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, and to reflect the knowledge and skills that our students need for success in college and future careers. Our program leaders are utilizing Common Core State Standards when designing grade level lessons.